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NOAM KURIS Law and Mediation Firm is located in the "EL-AL" Tower in the center of Tel Aviv’s business district near the American Embassy.

Comprising of both experienced lawyers with business backgrounds and an extensive support staff, our law firm offers its clients services relating to both Israeli and international legal affairs.

We are continuously assisting our international clients in their business activities and interests in Israel with regards to their legal needs and other local assistance as required.

Our clients come from a wide range of fields including but not only technology, IT, architecture, accounting, telecom, engineering, inventors, agro technology etc.

Furthermore, our office is the legal advisor of The Israeli Business Organization.   

NOAM KURIS Law and Mediation firm has been founded by Advocate Noam Kuris, an experienced lawyer (full member of the Israeli Bar Association) with a wide spectrum of business activities in his past for clients and public organizations. Amongst others, he has held and is holding various positions such as:

  • Director in the “Phoenix” Group (one of the largest companies in Israel (within the top 25))


  • Director in “Hamizrach” Group (insurance group)


  • Official arbitrator of the Israeli court system.


  • Member of the Israeli Bar association’s committee for legislation in the area of legal enforcement.


  • General Secretary of the National United Israeli Student organization.


  • Chairman of his university’s student council.






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 אחרות שבחקיקה זו (פרט להוראה הכת ההסדרים במשק המדינה (הנחה מירייה או מ

תגיות לעמוד עורכי דין עורך דין עורך דין דיני אינטרנט לשון הרע זכויות יוצרים פיצויי פיטורין עו"ד תקנון גילוי נאות הוצאה לפועל תביעה ייצוגית gurl shi  תקשורת ספאם פלילי

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