We are a leading and dominant legal consulting firm specializing in advising foreign companies with regards to investment and market entry possibilities into the Israeli market and assisting Israeli companies in dealing with international markets.


We provide legal counselling and representation in the following fields:

  • General Israeli Law,
  • Commercial Law,
  • International Trade Law,
  • Joint Ventures and investments in Israel and abroad,
  • Intellectual Property,
  • Civil claims of all magnitudes,
  • Import & Export Law,
  • Taxation,
  • Asset Management,
  • International Transportation,
  • Mediation,
  • Arbitration,
  • Real Estate,
  • Provision of nominee shareholders and directors,
  • Bank account opening for both Corporate and Personal use,
  • Litigation in all Israeli courts.
  • General Business Representation
  • Full company management and domicile services
  • Assistance in government and other public authority relationships


We assist our international clients in enforcing contract and payment issues with a main focus on Israeli issues.


Furthermore, we provide supplementary services such as:

  • Locating proper local Distributors, Partners, and Joint Venture Partners,
  • Market research and product feasibility for Israel,
  • Arranging for the set up of an Israeli representative office, Israeli
    sister company or other Israeli legal entity,
  • Arranging for the set up of manufacturing and assembly plant in Israel,
  • Locating possible Investment opportunities in Israel,
  • Real estate property consultancy,
  • Tax advice by licensed Tax Advisors/Auditors,
  • Customs advice by registered Customs Agents,


We also help the society, which we live in, by handling pro-bono cases every year.  


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